"Rhine in Flames" in Rhens / Rhine

11. August 2018

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Rhein in Flammen in Rhens am Rhein

Annually, on the second saturday in August, one of the most popular meetings, the ‘Rhine in flames’ takes place. Between Spay and Koblenz one of Europe´s largest Ship Processions makes its way along the Rhine.
Each year approximately 40,000 guests are around on about 80 festively decorated ships and about 500,000 spectators are watching the spectaculum on the banks of the river Rhine.
The castles and villages along the Rhine are illluminated by fireworks and bathed in Bengal light.

As every year the St. George´s Scouts of Rhens
expect all friends and guests from 3 p.m. at the river Rhine.

Hearty refreshments will be available throughout the evening.


For further information contact the:

Tourist Information Verbandsgemeinde Rhens
(open until 18.00 clock for you)

Am Viehtor 2
D - 56321 Rhens

Phone: 0049 / 2628 / 960 556
Fax: 0049 / 2628 / 960 524
Mail: touristik@rhens.de


For information on the ‘Ship Procession’ contact the:

Marksburg Personenschiffahrt U. Vomfell
56322 Spay

Phone: 0049 / 2628 / 2431
Fax: 0049 / 2628 / 3764

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